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Reusable Menstrual Pad

Style: International Women

Introducing plastic-free, cotton and bamboo reusable menstrual pads... perfect for anyone aspiring to a zero-waste lifestyle!

A handmade, eco-friendly, plastic-free, reusable menstrual pad to use as an alternative to single use, plastic sanitary pads (here's hoping we hear the end of this term soon!).

The average person who bleeds uses 4 plastic, single use pads a day on average and the average period lasts for approximately 5 day... thats 240 single use, plastic pads going into landfill each year! Be a part of the solution and make the switch today.

Why are they fabulous?

  • Plastic free, machine washable and even biodegradable!
  • Ethically handmade in the UK
  • Vegan and cruelty free


How to care for them:

Wash before use. 

Washing cloth pads isn't gross. For gently used pads, rinse and put them in with your regular laundry load. For heavily soaked pads, or to avoid staining, pre rinse in cold water (never hot) to wash out as much blood as possible then add to laundry. It is always best to not allow your pad to dry out before washing to minimise staining.

These are also suitable as incontinence pads.